Just Walk is an Intuitive Neuro-Motion Learning device offering a viable and cost-effective solution for hospitalised and homecare patients who suffer from impaired walking due to neurological disorders.Just Walk can cover the entire continuum of rehabilitative care, starting at the inpatient hospital unit, progressing to the outpatient clinic and continuing at the patient’s home. Just Walk designed especially for “Home use” patients. It is intuitive and user friendly for neurological and elderly patients.

The system is composed of a belt placed around the patient’s waist. The device is secured in a residence unit on the belt. The device provides continuous linear and adjustable tension on the muscles by creating a magnetic force that is converted into kinetic energy. A tension cord extends from the device and is quickly connected to the patient’s foot / shoe via an adjustable foot/ankle strap. Adjustable resistance applies tension and pressure on the leg as the user walks. An extra strap is supplied, which can be attached in alternative locations on the foot strap for additional functions. To use the device, the clinician places the belt around the patient’s waist. To change the level of difficulty (resistance), the device is rotated in a clockwise direction. The foot belt is adjusted around the feet and ankles. The patient then pulls the tension cord from the device and attaches the cord’s connector to the foot strap. The patient is then ready to walk with the device on.

Just Walk is suitable for patients rehabilitating from the effects of;

      • Stroke/TIA
      • Multiple Sclerosis
      • Cerebral Palsy
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • Ataxia

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